Why I Travel

I just booked my flights for my next trip in December.  Hooray!!!  I will be going back to Thailand and visiting Cambodia for the first time (soooo excited for Angkor Wat), as well as a 24-hour stopover in Qatar before flying back home for the holidays.

As I was explaining my trip to somebody the other day, they asked, “So are you doing all of this because you actually like to travel?  Or do you just like being able to say that you’ve been to all of these places?”

Something to know about me is I’m not a good arguer, I can’t think on the spot or debate on a topic very well.  So I said nothing, I was too dumbfounded anyways, and frankly hurt.  I’m still wondering where they got that idea from, if I had said something that made them think that…  Anyways, I wish that I had a good response ready to their question.  And now I do, so here it is:

Travel is what makes me feel alive and energized more than anything else.  I am trying to see and experience as much of the world as I can during my life, because, to me, that is what it is all about.  It’s not about your career, it’s not about buying a new purse or binge-watching that new popular series.  Real life is about meeting new people and experiencing new things.  And I am trying my hardest to keep proving that to myself and anybody who I cross paths with.  I want to inspire others to travel and break down those barriers and stereotypes so many people in society build up, because nothing enriches the soul like seeing the world, and that is worth more to me than anything.

This is just my opinion at least.  If you don’t agree, then that’s fine, but don’t try to down my travels because of that.

*I’m sure I will revisit this topic in the future, but this is the start of it.