The Year of Semi-Homelessness

2017 was an interesting year with some pretty great highs and some really tough times as well.  The last half was tangled with a mix of changes for me, including a new career, a fading relationship and a move that made me leave my beloved mountains to go back east to Kentucky… where everything is below tree line.  I ended the final few weeks of December with a heck of a trip that helped me to sort through and reflect on some of the new changes in my life and to look forward to a new year with new adventures.

With the new year comes a newfound freedom for me and a very new life situation that is mildly terrifying, yet my biggest step so far towards having that nomadic lifestyle that I have been chasing for the past few years.

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 6.09.53 PM

I just started a new job based in Kentucky that is going to let me go fully remote by the end of the year.  To work up to that point, I get to take a trip each month and work remotely from wherever I want.  The company’s plan has me spending about 50% of the year in the office and 50% of the year wherever I choose.  I’m house-sitting through April in town, and then after that point in the year, signing a lease would be a waste of money.

So here we go.

This is where the “semi-homeless” part comes in.  Come April, I’ll pack my outdoor gear, cooler and laptop into my Jeep and set out on a semi-nomadic, semi-homeless journey for the rest of the year between Kentucky and some “to be determined” locations (Spoiler: Probably heading back to the Rocky Mountains and also leaving the country a few times).  I’ll be Airbnb-ing, hostelling, Couchsurfing, crashing at friends’ and family’s, camping and Jeep-sleeping in who knows where as I go in between Kentucky for work and where I want to be each week.


Waking up in my Jeep to a below freezing morning this past November.  This might happen a few times this year…

All of these unknowns make 2018 look pretty daunting.  I have been focusing on taking it one day at a time to avoid feeling super overwhelmed.  It will be an interesting year for sure, but I’m excited and ready for the challenge.  I’m sure there will be some posts to come about this adventure, so stay tuned!