2018 Bucket List

Every January, I make a bucket list of 12 items and make it my New Year’s resolution to check them all off by the end of the year.  This is something I have done since high school.  Some items are easier than others, and my past lists have included things like “Read at least six books”, “Pray more in depth once per week”, “Leave the country at least twice” and “Learn to like onions”.  My biggest item last year was to visit the last five US states I hadn’t been to yet, and I did! Not even kidding, that was probably my greatest personal accomplishment of 2017.  By mid-August, I visited my 50th state, which was Michigan.  Yeah, I don’t know how it ended up being my last state either.


State #50 back in August 2017!!!!!

For being such a big “list person”, this bucket list always means a lot to me and I spend a decent amount of time putting it together each year, and I put in as much effort as I can to check each item off as well.

This year, I have a newfound freedom and a very new life situation that is low-key terrifying, yet it’s the biggest step towards having the lifestyle that I have been chasing for the past few years.  Not knowing where I’ll even be sleeping for half of the year made it a bit harder to make some concrete goals for myself, but I leaned on the things that are important to me right now and the areas that I want to push myself harder to grow in (spoiler alert: there’s a large travel and outdoors theme here).


One month into the new year, I have tentative plans for quite a few of these list items already.  Some of them are ongoing throughout the year, so I’ll have to keep them in the front of my mind when planning my trips each month.  Tomorrow also starts the process for applying for this year’s hiking permits (Havasupai Falls, Mt Whitney, The Wave and some others are on my radar), so crossing my fingers that I can get a hold of something!  We shall see.

Hope this post and idea inspires somebody!  Cheers to a new year and new adventures, guys.